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6,39 EUR*
Details HDGear-HDG-HC01-020-Super-Slim-High-Speed-HDMI-Kabel-mit-vergoldeten-Steckkontakten-HDMI-A-Stecker-auf-HDMI-A-Stecker-2m-schwarz

HDGear - Super Slim High Speed HDMI Kabel (v1.4 mit Deep Color, x.v.Color(TM) und Ethernet Channel) mit 24 kt. vergoldeten Steckkontakten. Mit Ethernet-Channel. Neues Stecker-Design Super Slim. HDMI A Stecker auf HDMI A Stecker. Zweifache ...

59,26 EUR*
Details Cablesson-Maestro-5-m-erweiterte-High-Speed-HDMI-Kabel-mit-Ethernet-Neueste-version-2014a-1080p-2160p-Audio-Return-Channel-3D-UHD-TV-361-XBOX-PS3-PS4-tiefe-Farbe-abnehmbarem-Metall-cast-end-Steckergehuse

Entwickelt mit Dell an die Zukunft & # 39; High Definition, Kabel unterstützt Auflösungen bis zu 2160p rilsouzioni, das Doppelte der heutigen standard und HD. Die neue Version der Cablesson Kabel Band Ultra Advanced 5 m/5 metre HDMI verdoppelt die ...

62,33 EUR*
Details GBL-High-Speed-HDMI-Kabel-14-mit-Ethernet-Kanal-3m

Cavo HDMI flat serie Luxury High Speed with Ethernet channel (compatibile 1.1,1.2,1.3) per collegamento HD Audio/Video Digitale ad altissima definizione. Lunghezza 3 metri.

56,53 EUR*
Details Algorithmus-Premium-HDMI-auf-HDMI-Kabel-10m-schwarz

Premium HDMI-Kabel mit vergoldeten Kontakten und Ferritkernen HDMI Standard 1.4 unterstützt: HDMI Ethernet Channel, Audio Return Channel, 3D 1.4 HDMI Kabel 10m HDMI-High Speed with Ethernet (1.4) Verfügt über einen zusätzlichen HDMI-Ethernet-Channel ...

11,52 EUR*
Details Cable-Mountain-High-Speed-HDMI-Kabel-mit-Ethernet-und-ARC-3m

A superb quality cable supporting the latest HDMI specifications including 3D, Ethernet Integration and Audio Return Channel (ARC). Also backwards compatible to earlier formats.

21,33 EUR*
Details Vivanco-SI-HD-14075-High-Speed-HDMI-Kabel-mit-Ethernet-075m-grau

HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC) mit bis zu 100Mb/s, Audio Rückkanal (ARC);3D - Unterstützt 3D Darstellung via HDMI bei 1080p (Dual Stream), 4K - Für maximale AuflÃsungen von 4096 x 2160 Pixeln bei 24Hz, Ãœbertragungsrate > 10Gbps;Ãœbertragungsrate > ...

26,15 EUR*
Details PlayStation-3-Duracell-3D-HDMI-Cable

HDMI Ethernet Channel The Duracell HDMI 1.4 specification adds a data channel to the HDMI connection, enabling high-speed, bi-directional communication. Connected devices that include this feature can send and receive data via 100 Mb/sec Ethernet ...

25,60 EUR*
Details QED-Performance-HDMI-Kabel-06m-HS-mit-Ethernet

26AWG 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper conductors. 59% more copper area than "standard" HDMI cables*. HDMI Ethernet Channel. Audio Return Channel. Authorised Test Centre certified High Speed HDMI Cable. Pixel Clock 340MHz, Data rate 10.2Gbps ...

12,99 EUR*
Details Vivanco-PRO-14HDHD-20-PBIT-High-Speed-HDMI-Kabel-mit-Ethernet-Audio-Rckkanal-ARC-2-m-orangeschwarz

Zertifiziert nach HDMI Standard 1.4,Audio Rückkanal ARC;3D unterstützt 3D Darstellung bei 1080 p,4K für maximale AuflÃsung von 4096Pixeln bei 24Hz;HEC ( Ethernet Channel ) mit bis zu 100 Mb/s,Ãœbertragungsrate > 10 Gbps;Vergoldete Kontaktflächen ...

19,60 EUR*
Details Kanex-Premium-High-Speed-HDMI-Kabel-4-Meter-ARC-DHCP-bis-zu-4096x2160-4K-UHD-3D-Ethernet-102-Gbps-volle-Audiountersttzung-HDCABLE4M

The Kanex HDMI to HDMI cable lets you connect your Apple TV, Mac mini or other HDMI device to an HDTV. This single cable solution supports high-definition digital video, multi-channel digital audio and 3D for a truly interactive entertainment ...

20,07 EUR*
Details 24GHz-Wireless-Remote-Control-RF-602-for-Nikon

RF-602 is using FSK 2.4GHz wireless frequency, suitable to use this free channel in many countries; guarantee 8f the transfer speed, distance and stability. It is available to purchase the RF-602RX (RF-602 is combined with transmitter RF-600TX and ...

29,99 EUR*
Details Revell-Control-RC-Quadrocopter-fr-Einsteiger-ferngesteuert-mit-24-GHz-Fernsteuerung-leicht-zu-fliegen-durch-6-Axis-Stabilisierungssystem-Propellerschutz-Headless-wechselbarer-Akku-EASY-23890

Entry-level Remote Control Quadcopter from Revell with adjustable speed stages, flip function and headless mode. With 4-channel GHz remote control, rechargeable battery and LED lighting.